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School & Education Alarm Response


HomeGuard Security is delighted to be the number one Security Keyholder and Alarm Responder to numerous High Schools, Primary Schools, Pre-Schools and Private Schools in Cheshire.

This is an important and vital role, to eliminate the constant worry faced by educational establishments where so many elements of risk combine. It is essential that a good working practice and relationship exists between the schools and HomeGuard Security.

We as a company, personally know many of the staff working in this field and together try to eliminate some of the risk factors, We know first hand how tirelessly the schools work to achieve a safe environment for their pupils.

If your Burglar/Fire alarm activates out-of-hours, it is the Keyholder who will be expected to attend the school, manage the situation and take appropriate action. Employers Duty of Care places stringent requirements upon the employer to protect their employees.

Staff members or Caretakers have traditionally acted as Keyholders, but pressure on them to be available 24/7, attend the school within 20 minutes, in line with Police & Fire Service guidelines, without the correct training, support or insurance, could result in them being vulnerable to accident or attack and the employer guilty of negligence. Consequently, many schools now rely more upon the services of professional security companies to ensure both the safety of their employees and their property.

HomeGuard immediately attends all alarm activations, and liaises with the Police and Fire Brigade at the scene.

With false alarms, again thorough sweeps of the building are completed and action taken or suggestions made to eliminate any problems. Attendance cards are left for the Secretary/Burser, and often follow up calls are made.

Shields can be fitted to the perimeter of the school with contact numbers for Police or Fire Brigade, or any other member of the public that feels we need to be notified of a potential risk.

HomeGuard Security is a modern flexible company, which is able to offer a high standard of service to this very deserving sector.

If you feel your School would benefit from this partnership please give us a call to discuss your unlimited options.

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